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Only the bravest of heart and purest of soul should attempt this Harry Potter trivia quiz. It is most certainly the most difficult quiz we have ever created!

Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

This quiz covers both the books and films. It will test your knowledge of locations, characters, situations, spells, and other Harry Potter trivia. You think your brain-hole holds the information we seek? Try it!

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Do you have a mind for movie quotes? …how about book quotes? This Harry Potter Quotes Quiz will test your knowledge of both! This quiz is potentially about as difficult as they come–even our expert quiz authors have difficulty achieving a perfect score. Give it a try!

Harry Potter Trivia

Who…or what…is Harry Potter?  Simply put, Harry Potter is a boy with a past.  When he was an infant, a vastly powerful evil wizard killed his parents and attempted to kill Harry at the same time.  The wizard’s spell backfired and Harry was spared.  Now, without parents, he was taken to live with his only relatives–an Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin–who treated Harry very poorly.  Around his coming of age, Harry was invited to attend a boarding school–Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry–where met many other magical beings and creatures.  Along with his studies, Harry and his friends went on countless adventures and faced numerable challenges, some of which could literally kill him.  Eventually, our story culminates with Harry Potter facing his arch nemesis Lord Voldemort, the very wizard that killed his parents.

The above description is an extremely brief synopsis of the fictional world of Harry Potter created by J.K. Rowling.  Ms. Rowling’s work began with one book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (or “Philosopher’s Stone” in the UK) which was originally released in 1997.  The initial book has been followed by no fewer than six additional books, all  seven of which were turned into feature motion pictures, as well as theme parks, merchandise, multiple official websites, fan sites and countless other outlets for her work.

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