Who doesn’t love a good Harry Potter meme, amiright?  Recently…well, recently to me, who knows when you’re going to be reading this…Jimmy Kimmel had Daniel Radcliffe* on his late night talk show and showed him some memes of his character.  I figured, why not?  Let’s look at some memes of all the characters in the films and see what we can see.

*If you don’t know who Daniel Radcliffe is then you don’t belong on this blog.  He was the actor who played Harry Potter.  Now kindly go find another fan site to visit

First, here’s the clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show.  You can stop watching at 2:40 if you only want to see the meme portion.  The last 4-ish minutes of the clip are good too, though…you should really consider continuing on.


…and now, the memes…


BTW, the memes of Daniel Radcliffe / Harry Potter himself are a pretty crappy.  Jimmy Kimmel pulled the best ones for his video so I didn’t repeat any of those here.

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