Few entertainment franchises have captured the heart of millions of people quite like the Harry Potter series of books and movies. The fantasy world of Harry Potter is easy to be drawn into with its magical settings, endearing characters, and exciting storylines. Amassing a cult-like following, this franchise continues to soar in popularity as the books and movies have now even been turned into themed lands at two Universal Studios theme parks. Harry Potter fever reaches full pitch every time a new movie or book is released. With more projects in the works, it does not appear as if the rapid nature of Harry Potter’s biggest fans will be slowing down any time soon.

Affectionately known as Potter Heads, the loyal followers of this entertainment giant are the backbone behind the Potter Mania fandom. As creator and author of all things Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling helps to fuel this fandom through her personal interaction with fans and encouragement of their passion. This popularity of the franchise is evident in the fact that it appeals to so many different groups of people, crossing gender and age lines and reaching people of all interests and personal tastes. Potter Heads engage in a variety of activities including role-playing, creating new fan fiction, attending conventions, and discussion on Harry Potter internet forums.

In today’s increasingly digital world, it is easier than ever for Harry Potter fans to stay connected to each other in an effort to share information, exchange ideas, and revel in all of the glory of Hogwarts. Here are a few of the top Harry Potter resources online today:

  • MUGGLENET: Billing itself as the number one site for Harry Potter fans, this site is updated regularly with the latest news and rumors.
  • POTTERMORE: Produced by Rowling herself, Pottermore is the digital arm of the franchise, featuring previously unreleased writings by Rowling and other e-commerce and publishing information.
  • THE LEAKY CAULDRON: This highly interactive fan site even allows users to submit their own essays and images, making it a true sharing resource for all fanatics.
  • THE HARRY POTTER LEXICON: This comprehensive reference site is where you want to go for any of your Harry Potter questions.
  • HARRY POTTER FAN FICTION: Aspiring authors can submit their Harry Potter storylines here to share with the world.
  • THE WIZARDING WORLD: This forum giant is ideal for those who want to interact with other fanatics.
  • HARRY POTTER TOURS: Those looking to take a tour or Harry Potter based vacation should consider checking out the information on this site first.

Clearly, this is no shortage of resources for those fans who cannot get enough of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World of Witchcraft.